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The Flowers

I have never felt more strongly about having a connection with the ‘real’ world, with nature.

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Why flowers?

Most of us at some point have felt overwhelmed by the constant notifications, emails, text messages and general demands life throws our way. 


I have always felt strongly about the importance of having a connection to the ‘real’ world, nature of course. Being outside, breathing fresh air, walking the dog and being surrounded by nature raises ones spirit. It is good for us.


And the benefits of bringing nature into our homes and lives, with plants and flowers, is hugely underestimated. 

Local Partners

Working closely with our fabulous local growers is vital. Over the past 16 years we have formed strong relationships with growers and we feel lucky to work alongside such hardworking, dedicated, and knowledgeable people. 

Working with the seasons and natural conditions is an important part of floristry, as are close working relationships with growers. We are constantly learning more about how to grow flowers in a sustainable way and with the aim of having a positive impact on the environment, our business and the industry.

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Keeping Things Fresh

Every Bouquet that leaves the Madam Lampini Studio is ‘Wet Packed’. We deliver with our own couriers and therefore minimise the time flowers spend out of water while travelling to you. Once you’re bouquet is made, it is wrapped or boxed up and delivered straight to your door. If no-one is home we will contact you and discuss options for re-delivery or if requested we will leave your flowers with a neighbour.


We only buy what you order. By giving us 24hours notice we can buy specifically for your order. We contact the grower, pick up your flowers, make them up or box them for you and deliver to your door. It’s that simple. This means you can always be sure to have the freshest blooms. Nothing is wasted and flowers are not sitting in vases waiting for a home.


Once you receive your flowers it is important to recut the stems and put them in deep water. Check the water level every day or so and top up, or even better change the water. 


Remember all flowers have a different life span and some may last longer than others. In order to enjoy your flowers for as long as possible,  after about 5-7 days, you can discard the older stems and select the ‘still good’ stems, cut them down and put them into single stem vases. See our range of single stem vases in our shop.

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